Mikhail is a character in Sirius the Jaeger.

His complete name being Mikhail Jirov.

Mikhail is the brother of Yuliy and the son of Sachi and Alexei.

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Mikhail has a long messy silver white hair with blue eyes and lots of scars on his body. His outfit consist of a long black coat paired up with black leather pants, black boots, fingerless gloves, and a red tattered button-down shirt.

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Yuliy’s older brother. He was born in a rural village known as the dog-ville and lived peacefully with Yuliy and their mother. Their peaceful lives were suddenly broken by the vampires who attacked their village in search for the “Arc of Sirius”. He managed to escape from the burning village with Yuliy but got seriously injured while trying to save Yuliy from the pursuer. He was believed to have died there. He is a skilled two sword fencer but also capable with chasing his prey with guns.

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Yuliy - Yuliy is the younger brother of Mikhail. In Mikhail's past, Mikhail loved and protected his brother, pushing him off the cliff to protect him against vampires. Since Mikhail made a blood pact, the relationship changed. In episode 11 we found that Mikhail even after becoming the vampire all those 10 years, he loved and was worried about his brother along with the Arc of Sirius, and becoming a vampire don't matter to him as he was only thinking about his brother.

Sachi - Sachi is the mother of Mikhail. In Mikhail's past, Mikhail has shown to love her mother and obeyed her.

Alexei - Alexei is the father of Mikhai. He left Dogsville when Mikhail was young to seal away the Arc of Sirius.

Yevgraf - Yevgraf is the master of Mikhail. Even though Mikhail obeyed his master, it has been shown that Mikhail feels hatred towards his master.

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Vampire physiology - Since he became a royal vampire, Mikhail developed vampire physiologies, gaining high physical capacities and vampire abilities.

Superhuman strength : Mikhail has shown that he has a superhuman strength, proving it by being able to jump high and throwing his brother on the ground with only a kick.

Superhuman agility : Mikhail has shown that he has a superhuman agility, proving it by slashing one of Klarwein's robots arms without giving the robot a time to land a hit on him.

Superhuman endurance : Mikhail has shown to have a superhuman endurance, by running on a train without showing any signs of exhaustion.

Vampire transformation : Mikhail has the ability to change other people to vampires.

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Dual daggers : Mikhail possesses daggers that he uses it well.

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